RTR Project

       RTR Project for EP final version




       Revised Thai Master Guideline
       Draft MR_Submission of Decom Plan
       Draft MR_Financial Security
       Draft Thailand Decommissioning Guidelines for Upstream Installations - Final
       Attachment B (Draft Finance Security and Tax Guidelines)
       Attachment T (Draft Closeout Report Requirements Guideline)
       Attachment S (Draft Decommissioning Monitoring Requirements Guideline)
       Attachment I (Draft Seabed Deposits Management Guideline)
       Attachment R (Draft Offshore Decommissioning Safety Requirement Guideline)
       Attachment Q (Draft Onshore Decommissioning Safety Requirement Guideline)
       Attachment P (Draft Waste Management Guideline)
       Attachment M (Draft Cutting Method by Using Explosives Guideline)
       Attachment L (Draft Cutting Methods and Depth Guideline)
       Attachment K (Draft Rigs-to-Reefs Recommendations)
       Attachment J (Draft Offshore Pipelines Decommissioning Guideline)
       Attachment I (Draft Seabed Deposits Management Guideline)
       Attachment G (Draft Onshore Structures & Facilities Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Guideline)
       Attachment F (Draft Onshore Pipelines Decommissioning Guideline)
       Attachment E (Draft Onshore Well Plugging and Abandonment Guideline)
       Attachment D (Draft Contents of Decommissioning Program Guideline)
       Attachment C (Draft Standard Tools for Selecting Decommissioning Option)
       Attachment B (Draft Financial Security and Tax Guideline)
       Attachment A (Draft Environmental Policies and Management Recommendations)
       Attachment U (Draft Third Party Auditor-Consultant Qualification Guideline)
       Attachment N (Draft Reuse Standard Guideline)
       Attachment H (Draft Offshore Well Plugging and Abandonment Guideline)
       Attachment O (Draft Dismantling and Disposal Recommendations)
       Appendix A Framing Workshop